Locked Heart
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Game Information
Pursuable Characters Deon, Royal, Sol
Genre Romance Comedy
Platform(s) Mobile, PC
Price Free
Gameplay Length 1 - 6 Hours
Locked Heart is a game produced by Dicesuki. It is about a young girl named Aura, trying to lift the curse of the D'Lockes.

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Once upon a time, the d'Lockes. a prestigious family, became the receivers of a terrible curse. No one has heard from them since then. Seven years later, their mansion remains standing in the dark forest with no signs of life inside. Nobody even dares to go near it. Until one day, a girl named Aura stumbles across the house, and is greeted by a family of.... talking plush toys?! Join Aura as she struggles to find out the truth behind the curse and break it.

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  • The game is powered by Ren'py Visual Novels