Lucette Riella Britton
Sprite lucette
General Information
Curse Cinderella

|| Human 50% Witch 50%

Gender Female
Age 17 (Beginning)

18 (End)

Hair Color Faint Pink and Red
Eye Color Gold
Birthday May 7th
Occupation(s) Tenebrarum Bearer (End of Each Route)
Aliases Ice Princess (Formerly by everyone)

Little Star (Waltz) Love (Karma and Waltz) Darling (Karma)

Family and Friends
Family King Genaro III (Father)
Hildyr (Mother)
Ophelia (Step-Mother)
Emelaigne Step-Sister
Rod (Step-Brother)
Relationships Rod (Step-Brother/Love Interest)
Fritz (Personal Guard/Love Interest)
Waltz (Love Interest/Friend)
Karma (Friend/Love Interest)
Rumpel (Friend/Love Interest)
Enemies Mythros
Other Information
Talent Perfect Etiquette