Adults aren’t like children. They worry too much and don’t appreciate the small joys in life. As we grow up, we forget how to be happy.


Waltz Cresswell
General Information

|| Witch

Gender Male
Age 21 then ages to 22 during game
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Birthday July 3
Family and Friends
Family Killed by Hildyr
Relationships Lucette (Friend/Love Interest)
Friends Everyone at the Marchen and some children
Enemies Hildyr
Myth (Mythros)
Other Information
Interests Puppet Shows
Education Witch training
Talent Puppet shows/magic

Waltz Crisswell is a love interest to the main heroine Lucette. He is considered to be the last route to play within the game. Even though he has a childish appearance; due to this curse, he is 22 years old. It was revealed his birthday is on July 3rd.

Appearance Edit

Normal Edit

In his un-cursed version Waltz takes the appearance of an almost traveler like appearance. He has a slim but well built body and his hair is generally messy and they are touching his shoulders.

Cursed Edit

In his cursed form, Waltz takes the exactly same appearance but in the version of a young child since he has the curse 'Neverland'.

Personality Edit

Waltz is a generally free hearted and kind spirit and really cares for Lucette as stated by himself that he was intentionally gloomy during his training days with Hildyr, but Lucette was like a shining star to him hence giving her the nickname, 'My Little Star.' He cares for any one in dire need for help and likes to entertain children through his stories, puppet shows and playing hide and seek with them.

Curse Edit

Waltz has the Fairy Tale Curse of Neverland and generally the specifics are that he is to stay as the appearance of a child although he still ages. In order to rid himself of his curse, he must find and open a family heirloom called "Neverland" with a key called "Tinkerbell."

Plot Edit